VBEAUTY brush soap

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Hygienic and efficient cleaning of brushes and sponges!

VBEAUTY offers a high quality solid brush cleaner that effectively removes residue, dirt and germs from your makeup brushes. The textured silicone pad allows for thorough cleaning without liquid cleaners. The product has not been tested on animals. Perfect for taking care of your makeup brushes.

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Discover the effortless cleaning of your makeup brushes with VBEAUTY brush soap. Thanks to the textured silicone pad, you’ll easily remove makeup residue and germs without having to resort to liquid cleaners.

Dip the brushes in the soap, gently rub over the silicone pad and rinse thoroughly. The practical holder on the lid ensures easy storage. With the VBEAUTY brush soap you have clean and hygienic brushes for a perfect make-up result.




How to clean your brushes with brush soap


VBEAUTY Dry Brush Cleaner: Quick makeup pigment removal without water or soap.


A good brush soap is an essential tool for any makeup enthusiast. While we often focus on choosing high-quality brushes, we sometimes neglect proper cleaning and care. This is exactly where the VBEAUTY brush soap comes into play. In this blog post, you’ll learn all about the importance of VBEAUTY brush soap and how to use it properly.


Why is the use of VBEAUTY brush soap so important?


Elimination of make-up residues: Brushes collect dirt, oils and residues of make-up products over time. These residues can not only affect the performance of the brushes, but also lead to impurities and infections. VBEAUTY brush soap helps to effectively remove this residue and keep brushes hygienic.

  • Longer brush durability: Regular cleaning with VBEAUTY brush soap keeps the bristles of the brushes soft, supple and resistant. This prolongs their life and ensures that they stay in top shape for longer.
  • Better makeup application: Clean brushes allow for more precise and even application.
  • Application of make-up products. The colors blend better and the results are more professional and appealing.


How do you use VBEAUTY brush soap correctly?


  • Wet the brush under warm water without getting the handle or metal parts of the brush wet.
  • Gently rub the moistened brush over the surface of the soap. Work the soap into the bristles with circular motions until lather forms.
  • Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water while gently stroking the bristles to remove any soap residue. Make sure the water is clear and no more soap bubbles are visible.
  • Gently squeeze the excess water out of the bristles and carefully shape the brush hairs into their original form.
  • Lay the cleaned brushes flat on a clean towel or dry surface to allow them to dry completely. Make sure the brush hairs are pointing down to prevent water from running into the handle.

With proper use and regular cleaning, you can ensure that your makeup brushes remain hygienic, effective and long-lasting. Invest in VBEAUTY brush soap and make cleaning your brushes a regular part of your makeup routine. Your brushes and your skin will thank you!




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